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Delta Lambda Phi Community Journal

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Welcome to the Delta Lambda Phi Community on LiveJournal!!!

If you're part of Delta Lambda Phi and are on LiveJournal, join and share your thoughts and experiences!

In order to become part of the community, you must click "join" above and the maintainers will be notified of your wish to join the community. We'll add you as soon as we check that you aren't going to terrorize the community =~.^=

We apologize for the inconvenience that closed membership may pose to legitimate potential members of the community, but we have decided that it is the best way for us to control the membership and make sure that those wishing to join are genuinely part of, or interested in, Delta Lambda Phi.

Brothers, please be aware that this community is open to all, including Pledges and Neophytes, and even those expressing interest in Delta Lambda Phi.

Also, if you post long entries or large/multiple pictures, please put your post behind an <lj-cut>.

Current Moderators:
emarosan Br. Eduardo Rodriguez - Beta Delta Chapter
superdax Br. Richard Garcia - Beta Delta Chapter


Delta Lambda Phi National Social Fraternity, Inc.

betadeltadlp - News feed from the Beta Delta Chapter in Miami, FL

Official Notices:
This is not an official publication by Delta Lambda Phi National Social Fraternity Inc.

Delta Lambda Phi National Social Fraternity Inc. is not responsible for the opinions expressed in this community or its content.